Cutie Patootie Baby

How could I forget to post the number one best pic of this past weekend?!?!?!

Sebastian's Cartoon SmileI was holding Sebastian and letting him press his little teething gums into the cup I was drinking out of (he is just four months and the first tooth already poked up a week and a half ago). Tim was laughing and took a few pics with his iPhone. When he showed me this one I actually did a spit-take!

3 thoughts on “Cutie Patootie Baby

  1. Oh no! I really appreciate that you let me know that. I wonder if the file-sizes are too big?

    I know you have a bit of knowledge about photography. Do you do anything special to your photos before you post them? Back in my early blogging days I used to be more conscious of things like that, but now I’m lucky to even be posting at all.

    Is it like that for all my posts?

  2. Okay, I figured something out but I have no idea how to troubleshoot it. On my individual posts pages the photos don’t show up. So if you are clicking through to individual posts from a reader you aren’t seeing all the photos.

    Damn! 🙁

    For now, try clicking on my title to read from the blog index page if you want to see that cutie patootie baby. Meanwhile, I’ll try to fix the problem.

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