Reading the NYT With Baby

I’ve recently realized that the bloggers I respect and admire the most often post actual photos of themselves. In the six years since my husband and I met, we have both steadily gained weight, and we’ve been inching out of the photos. 🙁

You know how Nora Ephron feels “bad about [her] neck?” Well, I feel bad about my double-chin. I am happy to report that I’ve lost all of the baby weight through breastfeeding. Yay!!! But now that I’m back to my pre-baby overweight self, I need to actually start trying to lose more.

Anyway, here I am with Sebastian, trying to read a New York Times article about “functional foods” (about which I’ll post more later). In the last photo I finally resorted to bouncing him on my knee on his tummy, my go-to position for eating as well.

In the end I didn’t get to finish the article. I’ll try to find it on-line so I can read it on my iPhone while breastfeeding or something.

Cutie Patootie Baby

How could I forget to post the number one best pic of this past weekend?!?!?!

Sebastian's Cartoon SmileI was holding Sebastian and letting him press his little teething gums into the cup I was drinking out of (he is just four months and the first tooth already poked up a week and a half ago). Tim was laughing and took a few pics with his iPhone. When he showed me this one I actually did a spit-take!

A Wordless Wednesday