I’ve recently realized that the bloggers I respect and admire the most often post actual photos of themselves. In the six years since my husband and I met, we have both steadily gained weight, and we’ve been inching out of the photos. :(

You know how Nora Ephron feels “bad about [her] neck?” Well, I feel bad about my double-chin. I am happy to report that I’ve lost all of the baby weight through breastfeeding. Yay!!! But now that I’m back to my pre-baby overweight self, I need to actually start trying to lose more.

Anyway, here I am with Sebastian, trying to read a New York Times article about “functional foods” (about which I’ll post more later). In the last photo I finally resorted to bouncing him on my knee on his tummy, my go-to position for eating as well.

In the end I didn’t get to finish the article. I’ll try to find it on-line so I can read it on my iPhone while breastfeeding or something.


Cutie Patootie Baby

by Jessica on May 16, 2011

in Candid Photos,Family,Life with Baby

How could I forget to post the number one best pic of this past weekend?!?!?!

Sebastian's Cartoon SmileI was holding Sebastian and letting him press his little teething gums into the cup I was drinking out of (he is just four months and the first tooth already poked up a week and a half ago). Tim was laughing and took a few pics with his iPhone. When he showed me this one I actually did a spit-take!


A Wordless Wednesday

May 11, 2011
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After Thanksgiving Breakfast

November 28, 2010

Yesterday my husband spoiled me again with the above breakfast: Poached eggs on potato cakes with spinach. He took the leftover mashed potatoes from our second day of Thanksgiving and mixed them with the last of our summer chives and fried them into cakes. He topped it with a pseudo-Hollandaise sauce made with mayo, lemon […]

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